Please contact us with any shipping questions.

**We ship out packages on Tuesdays and you should receive your order by the end of the day Thursday (no later than Friday unless complications arise)**

Free Shipping

Orders ship FREE to most of the western United States. Any location covered in Blue or Pink by the map below receives FREE shipping on all products. If you have a question about your specific location, please contact us.

Exclusions apply during peak shipping season (December 1 – January 15). During this period shipping rates apply to all orders except those within a 30-minute drive of St. George, UT, or Cedar City, UT.

Free shipping to blue and pink areas.

Shipping Rates (outside of free shipping areas)

If your shipping address is outside of the blue and pink zones on the map we will ship your order for an additional fee. Shipping fees are based on the weight of the package you order. The rate for packages containing less than 20 lbs of beef is $15. For packages containing more than 20 lbs of beef, we charge a rate of $1.00 per lb.

These rates apply to all shipments from December 1 – January 15. During this period, ground shipments are frequently delayed by 3-5 days or more. This means we must ship Express (which is costly) for beef to arrive frozen and on time.

Weight of Beef in PackageShipping Charge
<=20 lbs$15
>20 lbs$1.00 per lb of beef
Example: 1/4 beef (90 lbs)$90
Example: 1/2 beef (180 lbs)$180

We do not ship . . .

We do not ship outside of the United States or to Alaska or Hawaii. We avoid shipping from December 1 – January 15. During this time period, shipping rates apply to all orders farther than a 30-minute drive from St. George or Cedar City, UT.

100% Money Back Guarantee

When we put our brand on it we back it.

Whether it’s raising beef ourselves or sourcing it from the best producers, we put in a lot of work to provide you with the best products from the best sources.

We understand that you’re putting a lot of trust in us when you buy online. We want to return that trust, so if we don’t meet your expectations we’ll make it right.